We believe that it is paramount that we do all we can to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum in the face of the climate emergency. This is why we have planted more than 50 thousand trees over the last few years and why we do our best to carefully manage our soils to lock up carbon. As the Earths soils store more carbon than the atmosphere and all the worlds forests combined it’s essential that they are managed in a way that keeps that carbon where it belongs – under ground!

We also have an on farm hydro-scheme that for the vast majority of the year produces all the electricity we need. And in the unlikely event of a drought in West Wales we have signed the farm up to a renewable energy company to ensure that even when our river is too low to generate any electricity our energy is always from a carbon free source.

The hydro has been so productive that we took the plunge and for the last few years our car has been 100% electric. It literally runs on water straight from the hills!

So when we do our local lamb deliveries we create 0% pollution! How’s that for eco?!