Our Principles

Here at Moelgolomen we are all about farming with nature instead of against it. So as well as providing perfect habitats for our livestock to thrive we also ensure there is plenty of room for nature to flourish.

This is why over the last few years we have planted tens of thousands of trees in forests and hedgerows to create miles of wildlife corridors for animals to travel through and reside within.

As well as this we have maintained ponds and lakes and carefully managed areas of wild flowers to ensure they grow on and provide plenty of food and habitat for the essential invertebrate pollinators that rely on them. This in turn creates food for larger animals higher up the food chain which is why we have such a thriving ecosystem on farm.

Moelgolomen has been fully organically certified since 1999 and because we’ve had no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilisers soaking in to our soils and rivers we’ve allowed nature to take hold and blossom.

We’ve always been in agri-environment schemes initially Tir Gofal and more recently Glastir.